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Customer Reviews

Based on 654 reviews
HEMP Sling Bag
anirudha Mahurkar (Indore, India)

Love your products
100% satisfaction
Interaction with customers 10/10
Keep rocking 🌈

HEMP Wallet 2 Fold
Vaibhav Kharade (Nagpur, India)
Product quality is too good

Product quality is too good, and it looks really great

HEMP Tobacco Pouch
onkar gill (Mumbai, India)

HEMP Tobacco Pouch

HEMP Fanny Pack Colors
inder deep (Ludhiana, India)

I feel over the moon after received it

HEMP Tobacco Pouch
Deepesh singh (Bhopal, India)
Awesome product!!

i like the quality of the pouch and the sections inside is sufficient for everything as said in the description.

HEMP Wallet 3 Fold Rasta
E.S. (Mumbai, India)
beyond my expectations

good and satisfying product

Dreadlocks Hemp Beanie Cap
Rilesh Rilesh (Kayamkulam, India)
I call it , a cultured product line.

Culture to be shared like this 🤩
I am coming back to buy more from you guys soon.

HEMP Fanny Pack Colors
Shubham Plahnian (Shimla, India)

Good product

HEMP Wallet 2 Fold
Tanmaykumar Mistry (Mumbai, India)
Wallet Review

Unique design and material...great look

HEMP Fanny Pack Colors
Siddharth Chauhan (Mumbai, India)

Nice bag

HEMP Fanny Pack Plain
Gautam Bhatnagar (Delhi, India)
Awesome product

Awesome product

HEMP Fanny Pack Colors
Pradnya Navandar (Pune, India)

The hemp material was outstanding. Just loved the product and and gave me the feeling of Nepal. Thanks Atrangi♥️♥️

HEMP Wallet 3 Fold Rasta
Apuroopa Gogineni (San Jose, United States)

HEMP Wallet 3 Fold Rasta

Pure Hemp Backpack Cool Dog
Customer (Lucknow, India)

Not water proof should be mentioned

HEMP Wallet 2 Fold
Sarthak V (Bhopal, India)
Quality products

Best alternative in place of leather wallet. Thanks team for sustainable solution.

HEMP Fanny Pack Colors
Jai Sharma (Delhi, India)
Great fabric

Uses Environmental sensitive fabric. If the buckle would have been made of non plastic like material it would have been even better.

HEMP Wallet 3 Fold
Anandhu Sunil (Kozhikode, India)

HEMP Wallet 3 Fold

Personal 2 Drawer Box
hb (Lucknow, India)
Intricate and beautiful!

Love the neat and intricate design. A wonderful gift.

HEMP Wallet 2 Fold
Gagan S (Bengaluru, India)
Very good. Minor changes required

The two fold wallet was perfect. Very well built, light weight and also has a coin compartment.

The three fold wallet was also equally good on those terms but very bulky even when empty. Fill it with few notes and cards and it might just be too much to fit in the pocket.
Also after opening the velcro, the note pocket comes to the left of the wallet. All the wallets I've used till now had the note pocket to the right. I'm not sure if that is the industry standard.

The Big sling bag is very good. Lots of space, lots of padding, good quality zippers.
The only thing i noticed was that the hemp fabric had started to become loose in some places and little strands of the fabric standing perpendicular to the bag (kinda like how the hair on our arm stands when we have goosebumps)
The finish on the surface wasn't as smooth as the wallets.
I don't know if that is how it's supposed to be or i good a bad finished product.

Anyhow, i really liked the idea of using a sustainable material for our regular products where we would've otherwise used leather.
I bought all these products with the intention to gift it to others and everybody i gifted it to loved it.
Do look into the points I've mentioned. Hopefully it'll help you understand the consumer's perspective.
Looking forward to using more of your products in the future.
All the best team Atrangi!

Dear Gagan

thank you for the feedback. We will definitely keep the things you sugested in mind.

HEMP Wallet 3 Fold
Ranjitha S (Bengaluru, India)

Nice product with worth price

Avengers Iron Man
Jyoti Mallick (Bengaluru, India)

Bought an Avengers Iron Man. Atrangi is awesome along with awesome product and experience

Pure Hemp Backpack Crisscross
utsav manat (Ahmedabad, India)
Wow its really best one I wanted to natural material bag and this competed by this bag

Wow its really best one I wanted to natural material bag and this competed by this bag

HEMP Tobacco Pouch
Hitesh Baghel

Nice product its a unique product must buy

Felt Mat Natural 60cms
hb (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
unique. loved it.


HEMP Fanny Pack Colors
Sam frost (Jaipur, India)

Amazing bag really, was hesitant in buying a fanny pack, but its really cool! Go for it